Larry Aitken on Spirit of Water at Leech Lake

The next video offers a unique perspective of how a traditional elder like Larry Aitken speaks to nibi manidoo ('spirit of the water') to help a younger man, Tim Powell, understand. The clip was filmed on Leech Lake at the place where Bugonaygeshig led a revolt against U. S. troops. [for a fuller version of visit the Digital Partnerships with Indian Communities website].

Tim Powell had asked Larry Aitken if the water possessed a memory of the Battle of Sugar Point, one of the last battles of the Indian Wars, which the Ojibwe won. On behalf of Tim Powell, Larry Aitken spoke directly to the water and was told of a much deeper sense of history that preceded the coming of the Anishinabeg and the white people, but which is still very much present and accessible today, if one knows how to ask properly.