Animikii / Thunderbird

This exhibit explores one of the most important figures inAnishinaabe cosmology, animikiig ('thunderbirds') or binesiiwag,as they are known in Anishinaabe communities further north.  These are just a few of the many stories about these powerful entities that protect the Anishinaabeg ('Anishinaabe people').  The exhibit includes pictographic drawings on wiigwas ('birch bark'), historic and contemporary photographs from the Berens River region, audio recordings and video tapes of Anishinaabe chi-aah ya agg ('wisdom keepers').

Ask the Elders

Dan Jones

Dan Jones is from the Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation in Ontario and is an Anishinaabemowin (‘Ojibwe language’) teacher at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College in Cloquet, Minnesota.  This exhibit provides links to his explanations of various facets of Ojibwe life.  


Frances Densmore


Healthcare on the Reservation