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Mission Statement

Given the cultural barriers inherent in the modern US healthcare system, our mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of Native American culture, particularly within the healthcare setting. We aim to raise awareness of Native American beliefs, values, and traditional practices as they relate to health. In this vein, we hope that the providers will not only become adequately informed of such cultural tenets, but also learn to respect them to enable healing.

At the same time, we strive to revitalize appreciation for the Native American culture. We hope to broaden understanding of much of what was lost. We aim to behave in concert with the Native American and form lasting partnerships, in order to eventually restore trust between the Native and non-Native. We also hope to bridge the physical with the spiritual, in an effort to demonstrate that both are indispensable factors for health and well-being.

Lastly, we offer an attempt to harmonize the Western and Native American cultures, finding innovative ways to merge them into effective treatment plans, and to establish one voice that ultimately resounds with a clear sense of agreement and progress.